COVID-19 UPDATE:  7 February 2021

As lockdown measures continue across Scotland and the UK, all sections are continuing to meet virtually via Zoom.  

Anchor Boys successfully joined the virtual BB world on Friday 5 February for a Christmas themed 'show and tell' and it was great to see eight of them connect and show some of the gifts they received at Christmas - volcanoes, lego, 'Baby Yoda' and remote controlled cars.

Junior Section have enjoyed a Yes/No quiz, sign language and next up is a Australian Open Tennis themed evening - tennis or Aussie themed outfits a requirement of the meeting!!

Company/Seniors are also dialling in to Zoom meetings, enjoying online quizzes, home challenges and guest attendees.  We've had former member David Tanner join and tell us about his career in sports media and our next guest we will be local MSP Rona MacKay.

Additionally our senior boys are focusing on completing their Duke of Edinburgh Awards - skills, volunteering and physical - ensuring they are complete, bar their expedition, and ready for that, when conditions permit (which will hopefully be later in the year).

Queen's Badge participants are also going online with Skills for Queen's Baadge courses be held vai Zoom. 

Maintaining our weekly meetings is important to ensure we don't loose contact with our members, that they remain safe and well and all are ready for the challenge to resume face-to-face activities and wider company activities, as and when it is safe, for all, to do so.

eBay Shop

We've taken the decision to close our webshop page on our website.

Items that were for sale there, are still available to purchase either by contacting the 212th by email (we'll then send an invoice to you) or via our eBay shop - just click on the button below.  Alarm clocks, pen/torch set, 50th anniversary badges and mugs, golf balls, baggage tags.  Keep an eye out for more additions.  All purchases helping support the activities of the 212th. 



A very different BB Session 2020/21 is.  None of our sections have yet to meet indoors - the halls, church, centres, etc, March 2020 being the last time we did.  Since we resumed activities in September 2020, all be it outdoors only, with reduced numbers, it's been great to give the boys the opportunity to meet and see them engage in some fun during what, for all, are challenging times.  Here's hoping that as 2020 comes to an end, a better 2021 is a head of us all and we can contimue the journey back to BB.  

Below are some pics from our recent meetings which have involved football, golf, softball, tennis, potted sports to name a few - and more through November hopefully - supplemented with some at home activities and challenges. 

AB 5s
cs golf
CS 5s
SS tennis
CS softball
CS tennis
CS tennis2
AB church
AB potted sports
SS Tennis 4
JS Tennis
JS golf
JS 5s
SS Tennis3
SS Tennis2

Lockdown Videos