212th 'STAR BAKER'

On Friday 12 June 2020, as part of our virtual meeting the Company Section bake off took place with 5 entrants - Andrew, Arran, Callum, Lewis F & Lewis Y - some of there cakes are in the images below.  Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, nor Pru Leith were available to help judge, so we had to revert to expert cake eaters,  Rev. John & Mr Harvey, who decided that the 'Star Baker' was Andrew and his Anchor Cake (pictured in his star baker apron), runner up was Lewis F with his polar bear/igloo cake.  Well done to all the boys who took part. Keep practicing for the 2021 bake off! Prizes awarded were from the StandUp2Cancer charity, helping support a worthwhile cause.

star baker runner up
star baker
star baker cake

Summer Camp

25/6/20: Today, the first Friday of the school holidays, would have traditionally been the start of Summer Camp, which was to have special significance this year - our 50th anniversary year, our 50th consecutive Summer Camp and members our partner company in Ghana, 106th Accra, also attending.

Although Camp 2020 was to take place some two weeks later than normal to accommodate our visitors, it regrettably succumbed to the pandemic, as with all other BB activities/events.

The resumption of BB activities is still a bit of an unknown at the moment, however it's hoped that the world will be in a better place next year and come the 25 June 2021, we will again be looking forward to 8 days away at Summer Camp 2021.

Some happy memories from the last three summer camps in the attached video. Fingers crossed we can repeat these next year.


Items for sale so far:

  • 50th Anniversary Badge
  • 50th Anniversary Eco-Mug
  • 212th bag/luggage tag 

Coming soon......

  • Flexi Alarm clock
  • Pen & torch keyring gift set

Webshop link: https://www.212glasgow.co.uk/webshop.html


BB@Home Activities

New activitiy packs for all sections updated Friday weekly!

Anchor Boys BBatHome activity task was to 'get creative' with some vegetables and create and a person or creature.  Here's Cameron's and Alfie's finished designs - all look good enought to eat!

Well done boys!

COVID19 - BBUK Update

Following continuing Government guidance regarding the coronavirus pandemic, BBUK has advised that all face-to-face meetings, activities and events will remain suspended until at least 31 August 2020.

As a consequence this has caused the cancellation of our own Junior & Company Section Camps. In addition our fundraising Plant Sale on 30 May 2020 has also been cancelled.

We continue to encourage and make use of the #BBatHOME resources and continue with virtual meetings and other ways of maintaining a sense of community during these challenging times. 

Stay safe and healthy.


Lockdown Challenges and Missed Memories

Junior Section Camp Memories

Toilet Roll Challenge

'Pass the Bru' Challenge

Anchor Boys Summer Trip Memories

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