Following the announcement from the Scottish Government that East Dunbartonshire will move to Level 4 of the COVID19 Management Framework, as from Friday 20 November the 212th will be unable to meet outdoors, as we have in previous weeks, due to all Leisure Centres closing.


The restrictions are due to be relaxed on Friday 11 December, however as this is very close to Christmas, we won't meet face to face until the New Year.


In the interim, some 'at home' activities have and will be distribute to boys and we hope to have virtual meetings via Zoom before the end of the year. 

This has been a very challenging year for everyone and accounting for restrictions the outdoor activities programme has been enjoyed by all (even the officers/staff).  Hopefully we can arrange more in 2021.


Thanks for your continued support.  Stay safe and keep well



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A very different BB Session 2020/21 is.  None of our sections have yet to meet indoors - the halls, church, centres, etc, March 2020 being the last time we did.  Since we resumed activities in September 2020, all be it outdoors only, with reduced numbers, it's been great to give the boys the opportunity to meet and see them engage in some fun during what, for all, are challenging times.  Here's hoping that as 2020 comes to an end, a better 2021 is a head of us all and we can contimue the journey back to BB.  

Below are some pics from our recent meetings which have involved football, golf, softball, tennis, potted sports to name a few - and more through November hopefully - supplemented with some at home activities and challenges. 

AB 5s
cs golf
CS 5s
SS tennis
CS softball
CS tennis
CS tennis2
AB church
AB potted sports
SS Tennis 4
JS Tennis
JS golf
JS 5s
SS Tennis3
SS Tennis2

Lockdown Challenges and Missed Memories

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