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Our 212th

The 212th Glasgow is an active Boys' Brigade Company based in Bishopbriggs.  It is a member of Springburn District of Glasgow Battalion, the first and oldest Battalion in the Boys' Brigade.


Attached to Cadder Parish Church, the 212th Glasgow has been in existence in Bishopbriggs since 1970 operating and providing for boys aged 5-18 years, across four sections - Anchor (P1-P3); Juniors (P4-P6); Company (P7-S2) and Seniors (S3-S6). Each section follows the Brigade's activity and achievement programme, culminating in the opportunity for boys to work towards the Queen's Badge - the highest award in The Boys' Brigade

Our Captain, Mrs Linda Ritchie is assisted by other officers & helpers numbering approximately 13.

Charitable status

For boys in Primary 1-3

Monday: 6.-7pm

For boys in Primary 7-S2

Friday: 7.-9pm

For boys in Primary 4-6

Monday: 7.00-8.30pm

For boys in S3-S6

Friday: 7-9pm

For members aged 14 and above we also provide access to the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme across all levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold - through our team of qualified expedition instructors & supervisers, who will also mentor participants through the award requirements.   

The 212th operates as a charitable unicorporated association (independent of The Boys' Brigade) under Scottish Charity Number SC001145 - 212th Glasgow Boys' Brigade Company .  It is governed by its own constitution, which was most recently updated and approved by trustees in August 2017.

Our charity's aims are aligned to The Boys Brigade's Constitution & Object: The Advancement of Christ's Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness. 

Our charity is governed by a Board of Trustees, who are responsible for its careful management and administration. Trustees are appointed and re-appointed annually at the annual general meeting of officers and leaders. 

The current Board of Trustees is: 

Position currently


Mrs Linda Ritchie

Captain / Junior Section OIC

Rev John MacGregor


Mr Graham Harvey

Company/Senior Section OIC

Mr Gregor Steele



Anchor Boys OIC 

The Board  may seek to nominate the appointment of a suitable replacement from other officers of the Company where a vacancy exists or a trustee is unable to fulfill their duties. 

The History of the 212th

Before its establishment in Bishopbriggs in 1970 at Cadder Parish Church, the 212th had a previous life.

It was originally enrolled on 11 October 1924 at Kelvinhaugh Parish Church, Yorkhill Street, Glasgow. 

It lasted until session 1959-60 when it ceased operations. The church was subsequently demolished a short time after that.

The 212th number was then reallocated to the BB company started at Cadder Parish Church after it had held successfully five trial meetings and the 'reborn' 212th was registered, again, at Battalion HQ on 26 March 1970. 


Since its establishment at Cadder Parish Church,  the 212th has been led by five captains: 1970-84: William Carmichael; 

1984-92: Stephen Mitchell; 1992-98: James Muir;  1998-2012: Gregor Steele; 2012-date:  Linda Ritchie

The first section to commence activities was the Junior Section, followed by Company Section in August 1970 and Anchor Boys (then Shipmates) the following year. In 1971, the Company Section held their first summer camp at Anstruther.

Following this first camp, the 212th has maintained this tradition and held an annual week long summer camp for Company/Senior Sections. We were fast approaching our 50th consecutive Summer Camp in 2020, only to be thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic.  For around 30 years these were canvas camps, but more recently, are now UK based residential centre camps.  On two occasions we have ventured further afield to Brittamy, France (1996) and Benelmadena, Spain (2015).   Camp, regardless of its format, is still the most anticipated event in the BB calendar. 

Junior Section boys also enjoy their own weekend camp towards the end of the BB session in May each year, across a choice of residential centres in Scotland. For 2019, they headed back to the Cairngorm Christian Centre at Kincraig. 2020 was to see Junior Section return to Newcastleton but that to was cancelled due to the pandemic.

As restrictions on society and our Company operations ease, we hope to be able to resume our annual Junior & Company Camp activities.

Anchor Boys, whilst too young for overnight stays, not to be out done, have an annual summer day trip. In recent years, destinations have been Blairdrummond Safari Park and Heads of Ayr Farm Park.  2020's trip was cancelled due to the pandemic but will hopefully return to future years' programmes as restrictions ease.

Kelvinhaugh Church

Our Minibus

We're very fortunate to own our own Ford Transit 17 seater  minibus (driver+16 passengers), which we use to help deliver and expand our programme of activities offered to our members. Camps, trips, excursions, visits, football & rugby matches, golf outings - the list is endless.​​  We also have a trailer that helps for transporting lugguage during longer distance camps/trips.

In need of wheels as well?   If you're a 'not for profit' organisation then you may be able to use our minibus to fulfill your programme/activity requirements. 

For enquiries on using our minibus and to check availability, complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page or email:  info@212glasgow.co.uk.​

Our Global Partnership

Twinning/partnership arrangements with another part of our worldwide family are encouraged by the Global Fellowship. This can have some brilliant benefits: a better understanding of the worldwide family of which we are all a part; an insight into the lives of young people in other pars of the world; and an opportunity to learn from each other.

The 212th has a twinning/partnership relationship with the 106th Accra in

Ghana, which is led by Captain Vincent Nyumutsu.

You can keep update with what's happening at the 106th via their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/106thAccra


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